This morning as I do many times,
I went to Starbucks to get away from the distractions of my house to get work done.

Coffee queues at Starbucks

Coffee queues at Starbucks

I had to leave Starbucks to come home to get work done.

Just the grinder alone is enough to drive you crazy, on top of that it appears that Starbucks employees have a lot of aggression to get out of their system as they Bang! on the machine to get every precious granular out. I have spoken to one of the Managers back from Maternity leave and she has been awesome and taps it once. I am sure that does the job but when she is not there it is like they are banging in a 4 inch nail into oak. This compounded by the overall noise level and headphones are useless unless cranked so loud it hurts.

This is the Starbucks I have spent much time writing my business plan, but I did leave to write the financial statements at Borders… But…. oh well. I need a place to work, you need a place to work. The idea of The Taming Café came from this concept as well as a place to gather and share ideas and technology. The Taming Café is looking for Investors… I am looking for sanity.

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