Originally Published in the Harrison Patch, Katherine Frankel: 2-17-2010

Here is a  service, available to Harrison residents, that just might help simplify your life.

Have a Computer Expert Take Over Your Screen and Remotely Deal with Your Computer Issues

Thanks to the high-tech age we live in, you don’t have to spend hours trying to fix a computer problem, or wait on long phone lines to speak to a help-line employee in India, who may or may not be able to fix your problem.

Marc Jaffe is the owner of a company called “The Taming of the Mac.” (now the tamer) (the tamer.com) The name is misleading as Jaffe deals with PCs and Macs and is Microsoft certified.

An absolute wizard with a ‘never-say-die’ attitude when it comes to computer issues, Jaffe will do everything from consult on your computer needs, shop for the lowest priced computers and accessories, install them in your home, set up programs, give you one on one lessons, and troubleshoot problems.

Even better, you can contact him any time and he will take over your screen for an online session. Jaffe pops up on camera on your computer screen and chats with you as he miraculously operates your computer from his own home.

It’s a strange experience watching the cursor move around your screen without you touching it, and it’s pure magic to have your problems resolved in an instant while you watch.

Jaffe charges $125 per hour, and does not charge for travel time for in-home visits. He offers a discounted package for ongoing support or tutoring. Phone: 914-602-3600

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